Go Zero – Take waste to Zero

So what is Go Zero? Below you find some more info..

Values and aims
The Go Zero project has the following values and aims at the heart of its vision:

* Regard the planet as something we should care for and cherish
* Live sustainably so as not to deplete the planet’s finite resources
* Modify our behaviour so that we can live in harmony with nature and demonstrate our commitment to equity for all residents of our planet
* Help to influence the behaviour and attitudes of others in working towards sustainable communities
* Constantly look for new ways to minimise use of resources and to strive for a community where waste doesn’t exist
* Set up systems within our own community to enable ourselves and others to reach these objectives

Guiding principles
The Go Zero project has the following principles at the heart of the organisation

* Inclusiveness – to involve all who wish to take part
* Transparency – open and complete communication
* Clarity – for decision making and acceptance of responsibility
* Effectiveness – to communicate the aims of the project
* Respect others, no destructive criticism – only lead by example
* Measure, monitor and report on progress and achievements
* Organise our own lives according to this vision.
* To help others, anywhere in the world, to move towards a fulfilling life style with zero waste, equity and justice.

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